Resident Owned Communities: One Housing Answer

Resident Owned Communities: One Housing Answer

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm

Resident Owned Communities (ROC) are one answer to the affordable housing crisis. We will focus on resident owned communities (ROC). There are approximately 1000 ROCs across the country, and more than 200 in Massachusetts. We will focus on four themes in this workshop: First, an overview of what they are including how homeowners get organized to buy and what it means to be a member in a ROC. Second, consumer protections: what to look for when buying in to a ROC, and what to do if there are problems. Third, how to buy a home in a ROC. And fourth, opportunities for new ROCs; how to start one.


  • Paul Bradley, ROC USA
  • Colleen Preston, Cooperative Development Institute, and a resident in a ROC,
  • Sandy Overlock, from the statewide homeowners association, and a long-time resident in a ROC

Youtube of workshop:

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