The Problem

No one can thrive without a stable place to call home.

We were facing a housing crisis in Franklin County even before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. In 2014, planners estimated that Franklin County needed 4,000 more units for people with the lowest income, and since then the situation has gotten worse. In the midst of the pandemic, fear of evictions is high, and eviction filings are on the rise in Massachusetts. There are too many of us here in Franklin County who have nowhere to live, or are paying more than they can afford for the places they are now living.

No one can thrive without a stable place to call home. Housing is a vital part of staying healthy and finding meaning in community. However, government policy has treated housing as a commodity rather than a human right. Because of our unequal society, housing is routinely out of reach for many, while the privileged use housing to make or save money. Housing is a Human Right:We Can Make it Happen will look at how we got here, why certain people are denied housing (or cannot find housing that is safe and affordable) as well as a wide range of solutions for housing in the Franklin County area.