Abandoned Buildings

Reclaiming Municipally-Owned Abandoned Buildings for Affordable Housing

The town of Athol is creating housing by reclaiming two municipally-owned elementary schools. When completed, the project known as Riverbend Row will offer housing to families and grandparents raising grandchildren. We will also consider The Millers Falls Powers Block/Millers Falls Inn, the Montague Center School, and a planned mix use building on 38 Avenue A in Turners Falls. Greenfield has developed an inventory of vacant, abandoned and foreclosing properties and is identifying opportunities to work with local non-profits to create affordable housing, with Deerfield St. and Cedar St. projects successful examples.

Participants will learn the steps involved once a property is identified as feasible, including creating a long-range plan, exploring the target population, the housing models they might choose, options for financing and choosing a developer. Participants will then be in a position to determine if abandoned properties in their communities might be suitable for housing and if so, work with other like- minded people on the steps to make this happen.


Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

MJ Adams slides: Greenfield Presentation May 2021-pptx.pdf

Walter Ramsey slides MONTAGUE ABANDONDED HOUSING May 2021.pdf

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