Community Housing Trusts: The Burlington, Vermont Experience

Community Land Trusts are a useful tool to community-controlled development. Can Community Land Trusts be an answer to the development of affordable rental and single family housing? The Champlain Housing Trust is a successful example of this kind of development in Northern Vermont communities, including the City of Burlington. Rather than rely on outside developers, the community land trust keeps the investment in, and value of, housing within local communities. As the Community and Economic Development Office’s first Housing Director for the City of Burlington, our workshop leader will be Brenda Torpy, newly retired CEO of the Champlain Housing Trust. Brenda Torpy led the development of the Burlington Community Land Trust, now the Champlain Housing Trust.

Presenter: Brenda Torpy, founder and recent past CEO of Champlain Housing Trust, now Lead Consultant for TA\CHT

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